Hello, my name is Russell Dadson and I am a registered, qualified counsellor and psychotherapist specialising in psychodynamic therapy.

You might be wondering what these terms mean or if I will be able to help but firstly I’d like to acknowledge how difficult it can be asking for help and what a huge step forward you have just made in coming online and looking for someone or something that might make a difference to how you are feeling right now. Your symptoms of depression and/or anxiety are very real to you and you have made a positive first step in seeking help.

You probably have a few questions that need answering;

  • how does psychodynamic therapy work?
  • is psychodynamic therapy right for me?
  • what will it cost?
  • what will I get out of psychodynamic counselling or psychotherapy?

Whether the cause of your depression or anxiety has roots in your early life experiences, your current relationships, past traumas or difficulties in how you are managing your day to day life, my aim is to help you find meaning and understanding in how your thoughts and feelings link with your symptoms. Psychodynamic therapy is a traditional treatment that helps to relieve depressive feelings and anxiety. It works by examining the workings of your mind, challenging less adaptive ways of thinking and finding ways to make changes to the things that get in the way of you being able to lead the life you want to.

So what do you do next?

You can complete my contact form and ask me some basic starter questions. I will do what I can to deal with any initial fears you might have about starting therapy.

Once you have decided if you would like to meet with me, we can organise a follow up telephone conversation to chat through your situation and if I feel I can help, we will set a date for your first visit. This in itself can be a daunting challenge but my aim will be to set you at ease before assessing your situation and agreeing a way forward.

I really hope I can help and on my site you will be able to find out more about what psychodynamic therapy is, who it is appropriate for and how it can help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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