Counselling and Psychotherapy, North Oxfordshire, South Northants, Warwickshire and via videoconferencing.

RD 25 Aug 2021I am a psychodynamic counsellor and psychotherapist working in private practice from a quiet rural location 8 miles north of Banbury and within easy reach of the surrounding towns and villages including Brackley, Cropredy, Middleton Cheney, Culworth, Chipping Warden, Daventry, Badby, Byfield, Southam, Fenny Compton, Leamington Spa, Dunchurch and Rugby.

People come to therapy for many and varied reasons and finding the right therapist to work with is extremely important if you are to succeed in realising your goals. You might have symptoms of low mood or anxiety or you might be experiencing difficult feelings around your relationships or at work but each and every one of us has a different life story that has contributed to how we are feeling in the here and now.

My aim is to help people who struggle with how they feel about themselves and their close relationships and to find new ways of approaching life and tolerating difficult emotions and feelings. I am particularly interested in working with men who traditionally avoid talking about their emotions or expressing their needs. You might have tried medication or had short periods of counselling before which hasn’t helped. This doesn’t mean you can’t be helped but what I do hope to provide for my clients is a different experience based on a pragmatic approach to finding answers.

I specialise in working one to one with adults either in open ended medium to long term therapy or with time limited Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy. If you would like to discuss the suitability of my type of therapy for your needs please contact me via the link below.

Psychodynamic therapists work with a broad range of underlying psychological issues where the presenting symptoms are depression, panic anxiety, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties or issues around identity, trauma, obsessionality, abandonment fear and struggles with finding meaning or purpose in life.

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